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"I suspect that if the show runs long enough, he's going to run through all of them. What order that unfolds in is not for me to say. No, I can... I think any of those relationships is, of course, believable. Two people can always find some comfort or attraction, so I think all are possible."

--Hugh Laurie, about whether House belongs with Cameron, Cuddy, or Wilson (Inside the Actor's Studio, 07/31/2006)

Let's face it: House has that kind of asshole sex appeal that gives him sexual tension with just about everyone. You can run the evidence to support one pairing or another, but in the end, it comes down to one simple fact: everyone either wants House or could want House, under the right circumstances.

Thus, this comm. It's intended to be a safe haven from shipper wars, where you can get away with liking House/Cameron, House/Cuddy, and House/Wilson. Or any other pairing of your choice.

Ship who you want. Put them in OTPs, OT3s, OT4s, massive hospital-wide orgies, whatever. We don't care.

Stuff That Makes Us Happy

+ Intelligent discussion of what pairings do and don't work for you and why. You're not required to love every possible pairing, but you are required to get that the key words in the above sentence are "for you". Please remember the community motto: "Hey, it could happen."

+ Fanworks and concrit. We love fanworks, and we operate under the assumption that they only get better when people take the time to post thoughtful, helpful criticism.

+ Crack. Yes, we like the crack. Have fun with it. House/Coma Guy/Evil Nurse Brenda OT3? If you can come up with a good reason why, go for it.

+ LJ-cuts. Good for long posts, spoilers, fanfiction, images, and anything above a PG-13 rating. How to do it? Just put this where you want the cut to go: <lj-cut text="WHATEVER TEXT YOU WANT, YO">

Stuff That Gets You Banned

+ Trolling. We are, in fact, smart enough to tell when someone's trying to have a real conversation and when someone's just trying to start shit. Don't do that second one.

+ Flames. Really, if you think you're a master of House-like putdowns, put them into a fic, not the comm.

+ Shipper wars. We support all House pairings, so leave it at the door, please.